A 2024 Kickoff Message From Dr. Rahul Banerjee, Editor in Chief

Many of us are ushering in the New Year singing “Auld Lang Syne” (or some version of those lyrics) with an eye toward ensuring that old acquaintances never be forgotten. Conversely, as we ring in 2024, it’s worth noting how many of our old-acquaintance oncology drugs have actually remained at our side. Pembrolizumab was first approved in September 2014 for metastatic melanoma, while blinatumomab was first approved in December 2014 for B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). (Feel old yet?) Now, a decade later, pembrolizumab seems to have approvals in just about every solid tumor, while blinatumomab-style bispecific antibodies have completely changed the treatment paradigm for many blood cancers. Many of these drugs will make an appearance on the headlines of Oncology Data Advisor this coming year, of course. One of my favorite parts about this website is that some of the other old acquaintances of oncology—inefficiencies and disparities in cancer care—will also make appearances too, this time as problems in need of solutions. Expect more to come on these topics from our board members, invited guests, and of course the intrepid fellows on our Fellows Forum.

Looking forward to 2024!  

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