A Letter to Oncology Data Advisor Readers From Thomas Abrams, MD: Spring 2023

I am honored to continue my tenure as Editor in Chief of Oncology Data Advisor in 2023. The last year was a thrill for me, as the post afforded me a front-row seat to lectures, panel discussions, and podcasts from some of the most respected names in our field. I can assure you that what we have planned for 2023 is even more ambitious with multiple interview series, long-form essays, and oncology-focused podcasts available nowhere else.

So far this year, we’ve enlisted some of the greatest minds in hematology for an exclusive podcast series out of this year’s American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference. Two of the excellent episodes in the series include Mitul Gandhi’s podcast about advances in Hodgkin lymphoma and Leon Bernal-Mizrachi’s talk about socioeconomic factors leading to compliance disparities in multiple myeloma treatment.

We also covered the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Genitourinary Cancers (GU) Symposium and conducted several virtual interviews with the presenters there. Of enormous interest to me was an interview with Vivian Liu about the virtues of a plant-based diet for slowing the progression of prostate cancer.

Finally, we at OncData marked Rare Disease Day with a virtual panel discussion with Ulka Vaishampayan, Maria Badillo, and myself. Dr. Vaishampayan spoke about rare genitourinary cancers such as penile cancer and rare forms of renal cell carcinoma, Ms. Badillo spoke about mantle cell lymphoma, and I spoke about cholangiocarcinoma.

We have so much more in store for the rest of 2023. I’m confident it will be another record-breaking year! As always, we maintain a significant presence at all the major oncology conferences, including the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) and ASCO, so come meet our truly wonderful team who makes this all possible. Maybe you’ll grace us with your insights into major oncology issues while you’re at it.


Tom Abrams 

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