Advancing the Careers of Women in Hematology With Ariela Marshall, MD

At the recent American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting, Ariela Marshall, MD, Director of the Women’s Hemostasis and Thrombosis Program and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Penn Medicine, sat down with Oncology Data Advisor to talk about the ASH Women in Hematology Working Group, a group committed to career advances and leadership opportunities for women in hematology.  

This podcast episode was recorded live by Oncology Data Advisor and ConveyMED at the 2022 ASH Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

Oncology Data Advisor: Welcome to Oncology Data Advisor. Today, we’re here at the ASH Annual Meeting, and I’m here with Dr. Ariela Marshall. Thank you so much for being here.

Ariela Marshall, MD: Absolutely. Thanks for the opportunity to talk with you guys.

Oncology Data Advisor: I believe you are the Co-Chair of the ASH Women in Hematology Working Group. Would you like to tell us about this?

Dr. Marshall: Absolutely. The Women in Hematology Working Group was founded about three years ago, and I’m currently the Co-Chair, along with Dr. Tamara Dunn. We’re really excited. We have some fantastic Annual Meeting programming, the biggest thing being our networking dinner tonight. We are excitedly getting ready for that.

We have an amazing keynote speaker, Dr. Arghavan Salles, who I am sure many of your listeners are familiar with already. She’s going to be delivering an amazing address tonight. Our networking event is 7:30 to 9:30 PM. It’s one of the highlights of ASH, I think, for any women in hematology here at the conference.

Oncology Data Advisor: Great, so what kind of work do you do with the committee?

Dr. Marshall: Our Women in Hematology Working Group is dedicated to career advancement for women in hematology. For our trainees, we’re getting them involved in terms of career development and leadership opportunities. We liaise with the Trainee Council to get our youngest members involved from an early time. We just expanded our committee membership by twofold, so we now have almost 20 members of the Women in Heme Working Group.

We did some great virtual events this past year. We did a panel discussion with our ASH President about women in hematology and some of the barriers that we face. We are focusing specifically on career development and academic medicine, and we’re hoping to expand that virtual series over the course of the next year. We’re always looking to do more discussions, and we’re thinking about developing a mentorship platform for our young trainees, to work together with women in heme who are further on in their careers in terms of leadership and sponsorship.

Oncology Data Advisor: That’s really exciting. Anything you’d like to share about your experience here at ASH this week?

Dr. Marshall: It’s been a fantastic time. Obviously, women in heme goes closely along with the theme of maternal health as well. I’m about to run off to our big maternal health session where we’re talking about some of the impacts of the Dobbs decision on our patients. I think whenever we talk about women in heme, there’s this twofold idea of supporting our female patients and also supporting us as women in medicine ourselves. I think it’s really important to take both of those things into account.

Oncology Data Advisor: Absolutely. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Dr. Marshall: Thanks again for the opportunity to talk with you guys.

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About Dr. Marshall

Dr. Ariela Marshall is the Director of the Women’s Hemostasis and Thrombosis Program and an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Penn Medicine. Dr. Marshall specializes in the treatment of blood and bleeding disorders. Her research focuses on gender equity in medicine, work-life integration, and mentorship and career development in medicine.

For More Information

American Society of Hematology (2023). Women in Hematology Working Group. Available at:

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