A Letter to Oncology Data Advisor Readers From Thomas Abrams, MD

It is my pleasure to assume the post of Editor in Chief of Oncology Data Advisor for 2022. One of the perks of this role is the opportunity to speak directly to you, the readership, about everything we are up to here. Not only do we strive to give you trenchant summaries of the latest and most relevant oncology treatment breakthroughs in print, podcast, and video formats, but we also aim to give you insights into where our experts believe oncology is headed and what hurdles need to be cleared before we can get there.

In February alone, we had an enlightening podcast from Mark Kris, MD, and Victoria Sherry, DNP, about optimal management of metastatic squamous non–small cell lung cancer (with free CME/NCPD credit), as well as a high-level scientific discussion about p53 targeting in hematologic malignancies from Matthew Davids, MD, which is a concise but thorough summary of his Presidential Symposium at the 63rd American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting & Exposition in Atlanta. We also videotaped a panel discussion for World Cancer Day with fellow board members Ulka Vaishampayan, MD; Beth Sandy, MSN, CRNP, and myself, moderated by our own Keira Smith. We delve into recent advances in our respective specialties, but we also have a robust discussion about early detection platforms and how these tests have the potential to change the entire oncology treatment paradigm. I urge you to delve into all we have to offer.

Moving forward, we are planning to have on-site coverage of all major oncology conferences to give you real-time expert perspectives on clinically and scientifically relevant presentations. We also want to hear from you! If you have any ideas for topics to cover, or if you want to join our merry band of ODA’ers, please let us know. Message us on Twitter or Facebook, or email though the website. We are always thrilled to hear from our readers!

Finally, I want to welcome three new members to our Editorial Board. Rich Riedel is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University who has devoted his career to treating patients and finding novel treatments in sarcoma. Rich Carvajal is Director of Experimental Therapeutics and Director of the Melanoma Service at Columbia University Medical Center. He is focused on the development of novel therapies for patients with melanoma and other cancers. Rahul Banerjee is a Clinical Fellow in Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and he has recently joined the multiple myeloma faculty at the University of Washington Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. He is focused on CAR T-cell therapy, digital health, and care delivery. I want to thank all of them for giving some of their precious time to making ODA even better.

Here’s to a wonderful 2022.


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