Mitigating Financial Toxicity Experienced by Cancer Survivors With Dan Sherman, LPC

This year at the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Congress in Washington, DC, Dan Sherman, LPC, Founder and President of The NaVectis Group, a consulting company that assists oncology providers in implementation of financial navigation programs within the oncology setting, presented a session entitled Understanding Financial Burdens Among Cancer Survivors. In this interview, he delves further into his presentation and discusses:

  • The impacts of financial toxicity experienced by cancer survivors
  • Factors that put patients at risk for experiencing financial toxicity
  • Different types of financial advocacy programs that can help offset these impacts
  • Practical strategies that oncology nurses can employ to assess and manage financial challenges experienced by their patients
  • The NaVectis Group and the financial navigation services it provides
  • And more!

About Mr. Sherman

Dan Sherman, LPC, is the Founder and President of The NaVectis Group. As well, he is a Financial Navigator at the Lacks Cancer Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mr. Sherman is passionate about establishing financial navigation services in the oncologic setting and has published in several publications, including the Journal of Access Management, Oncology Issues, American Journal of Managed Care, and ASCO’s Journal of Oncology Practice.

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