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A Letter to Oncology Data Advisor Readers From Thomas Abrams, MD, Editor in Chief

Hot enough for ya? While large swaths of the United States bake in an unrelenting summer heat wave, Oncology Data Advisor is having quite a summer hot streak of our own. We are honored to have received an APEX Award of Excellence for Health and Medical Websites. This is an extraordinary achievement that reflects the creativity and dedication of the OncData Editorial Board, who strive every day to bring the website's readership the most up-to-date and relevant opinions and information from the bleeding edges of the oncology world. It brings me great pride to see their tremendous efforts recognized in this way.

OncData also continues to ramp up our presence at national meetings. The ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago in June was a tremendous success. More than 30 live podcast interviews were recorded with leaders in all corners of the oncology world. I thought the interview with Dr. Deepa Rangachari about cannabis education for Oncology Fellows was particularly illuminating, as this is an area that for many remains shrouded in mystery.

Finally, OncData has launched a Fellows Forum, a resource featuring expert perspectives geared toward Hematology/Oncology Fellows. It goes over topics important to the next generation of oncologists, such as job search tips, contract negotiations, research advances, and collaborations with policymakers and patient advocacy groups. The six founding members are current Heme/Onc Fellows from programs around the country and who represent a diverse set of interests and backgrounds.They have already recorded several fascinating podcasts, which we believe will be of significant value to current Fellows and recent graduates.

We are excited to continue bringing you excellent and relevant oncology information. This fall we have a lot more exciting interviews and panels planned for our readers, so stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay tuned!

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