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New Podcast Series: "Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Oncology"

New podcast series! Oncology Data Advisor is excited to launch our new series, "Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Oncology." Hosted by Waqas Haque, MD, MPH, Member of the Oncology Data Advisor Fellows Forum, this series will delve into the burgeoning roles and uses of AI in cancer care, from pathology to toxicity risk prediction to treatment recommendations and beyond. 

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In this first episode of Oncology Data Advisor's new podcast series, "Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Care," Dr. Waqas Haque and Dr. Matthew Hadfield of the OncData Fellows Forum engage in a discussion with Dr. Ofer Sharon, CEO of OncoHost. Dr. Sharon provides an overview of the clinical need for increased knowledge of patients' probabilities of developing immune-related adverse events and explains the PROphet® platform, OncoHost's novel plasma-based, proteomic pattern analysis tool that uses a single blood sample to guide immunotherapy treatment decisions.

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This second episode of Oncology Data Advisor's podcast series, Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Oncology, features Leif Honda, Chief Innovation Officer at TriMetis, a digital pathology company focused on improving patient outcomes by accelerating human tissue-based research, development, and testing. Dr. Waqas Haque, member of the Oncology Data Advisor Fellows Forum, speaks with Mr. Honda about the TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP) AI platform, including how it was developed and trained, its capabilities for streamlining the pathology workflow, and the ongoing process of preparing it for clinical utility.

Read the transcript and learn more here!

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