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Knowledge Gains for Immunotherapeutic Strategies in Cervical Cancer

i3 Health has provided an educational activity that has challenged knowledge gaps experienced by the health care team regarding updates on immunotherapeutic strategies for recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer. This continuing medical education (CME)/nursing continuing professional development (NCPD)–accredited activity, which was presented as both a Video Viewpoint Strategy Session and a podcast, provided significant gains in proficiency amongst the health care professionals who participated....

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Educational Advancements Made in Treatment of Merkel Cell Carcinoma

i3 Health has provided a continuing medical education/nursing continuing professional development (CME/NCPD)–approved activity, Update on Immunotherapeutic Strategies for Advanced Merkel Cell Carcinoma, that enabled the health care team to acquire significant gains in proficiency and knowledge for treating their patients with Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC). Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare and aggressive neuroendocrine tumor of unknown origin that typically presents in older white and immunocompromi...

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