Creating Welcoming Spaces for LGBTQ+ Cancer Survivorship Care With Megan Mullins, PhD, MPH

Oncology Data Advisor® · Creating Welcoming Spaces for LGBTQ+ Cancer Survivorship Care At the 48th Annual Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Congress, Dr. Megan Mullins, an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Cancer Center, gave a presentation on improving cancer survivorship for sexual and gender minorities. In this follow-up interview, she shares the ongoing efforts into improving cancer survivorship care for these populations, as well as advice and resource...

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GLAONS Survey of Oncology Nurses Reveals Knowledge Gap Regarding Genetic Evaluation and LGBTQIA+ Cancer Care

In September 2022, i3 Health conducted a survey of 157 oncology nurses at the Greater Los Angeles Oncology Nursing Society (GLAONS) 6th Annual Oncology Care Summit to assess nurses' familiarity with and desire to understand genetic evaluation and counseling and LGBTQIA+ cancer care. Through genetic evaluation and counseling care, patients can better understand their genome and how their DNA might be able to warn them, and even their family, about their risks of developing certain cancers and dis...

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