Genital Powder and Ovarian Cancer Risk: No Significant Link

​In recent years, a number of lawsuits have highlighted concerns regarding a possible link between ovarian cancer risk and the use of talc-containing cosmetic powders in the genital area. However, a large pooled analysis now published in JAMA reports no statistically significant association between genital powder use and ovarian cancer. The potential connection between genital powder use and ovarian cancer risk was first investigated because of the relationship between talcum powder and asbestos...
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Olaparib/Bevacizumab Improves Outcomes in BRCA-Negative Ovarian Cancer

A phase 3 trial reports that olaparib as maintenance therapy in combination with bevacizumab increases progression-free survival (PFS) in patients with newly diagnosed, advanced high-grade ovarian cancer both with and without BRCA mutations. While previous studies have found that maintenance olaparib is associated with improved outcomes in patients with ovarian cancer with BRCA mutations, its efficacy in patients without BRCA mutations had not been confirmed. In the phase 3 PAOLA-1 trial, a team...
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Niraparib Approved for Advanced HRD-Positive Ovarian Cancer

The FDA has approved niraparib (Zejula®, Tesaro, Inc.) for patients with advanced ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer who experience disease progression following three or more lines of chemotherapy. Niraparib is indicated for patients whose tumors are positive for homologous recombination deficiency (HRD). The approval was based on QUADRA (NCT02354586), a multicenter, open-label, single-arm, phase 2 trial that enrolled 463 patients with relapsed, high-grade serous epithelial o...
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Knowledge Gaps Identified in Treating Recurrent Ovarian Cancer With PARP Inhibitors

As the number of treatments for recurrent ovarian cancer expands, confusion may develop over which therapeutic strategy is best to use. Numerous patient factors need to be taken into account when deciding on a treatment plan, such as patient health status, predictive/prognostic markers, disease-free interval, number of lines and agents used previously, toxicities remaining from previous lines of therapy, and the extent of disease relapse. The new research constantly being conducted creates anoth...
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The Affordable Care Act: Impact on Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis With Anna Jo Smith, MD, MPH, MSc

The 2010 Affordable Care Act expanded access to health insurance for many Americans. In a study presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2019 Annual Meeting, Anna Jo Smith, MD, MPH, MSc, and Amanda Nickels Fader, MD, found that the Affordable Care Act led to earlier diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer. In this interview with i3 Health, Dr. Smith, a gynecology and obstetrics resident at Johns Hopkins Medicine, discusses the implications of her study's results. What led ...
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