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Hematology/Oncology Fellow Preferences: Continuing Medical Education (CME)

In order to identify the continuing medical education needs and preferences of hematology/oncology fellows, i3 Health administered a survey to participants at several live CME-certified visiting faculty meetings. i3 Health intends to use the results gathered from the survey in the planning and implementation of CME-certified activities. Of the 54 participants who completed surveys, 80% felt that they had adequate time for self-education activities during their fellowship program, compared with 2...

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Preventing Burnout Among Oncologists: Daniel McFarland, DO

​Burnout is widespread in oncology, occurring in around 25% to 35% of medical oncologists, 28% to 36% of surgical oncologists, and 28% of radiation oncologists. In his previous interview with i3 Health, Daniel C. McFarland, DO, a medical oncologist and psychiatrist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, discussed what can be done about the high rates of suicide among physicians and the particularly high rates of depression among oncologists. In this second installment, he di...

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