Developments in Breast Imaging and Radiology: A Conversation With Tricia Trammell

Tricia Trammell, BA, CRA, FAHRA, R.T. (R)(M)(QM)(BS), CN-BI.

 In this interview, Tricia Trammell, BA, CRA, FAHRA, R.T. (R)(M)(QM)(BS), CN-BI, Breast Center Manager at UT Southwestern Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, discusses the advancements in breast imaging in relation to screening for breast cancer.

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Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer Detected by Blood Test

With a 20% five-year survival rate, advanced ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest diseases. When women are diagnosed in stages I and II, however, the five-year survival rate increases to 90%. Unfortunately, only 15% of ovarian cancer cases are discovered in the early stages due to lack of symptoms and a dearth of tests for ovarian cancer biomarkers. Researchers at the University of Adelaide and Griffith University in Australia have found a potential new method to detect early-stage disease by ...
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In Black Men, Midlife PSA Screening Predicts Aggressive Prostate Cancer

‚ÄčThe first study of its kind to focus exclusively on black men has found that a baseline measurement of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) performed at midlife predicts the later development of aggressive prostate cancer. "Black men in the US are 2.5 times more likely to die of prostate cancer compared to white men, yet screening studies to date have largely been focused on white men," stated co-senior author Lorelei Mucci, MPH, ScD, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan Scho...
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Universal Cancer-Detecting Liquid Biopsy Approaches Market

A new cancer detection test called TumorScanTM may be the first universal liquid biopsy to be introduced into the market. Developed at the University of Bradford, the test, alongside other methods, will use a "rule in, or rule out" strategy to determine if cancer is present in patients. By using ultraviolet light to analyze DNA damage in white blood cells, the test is able to identify measurable differences in how susceptible cells are to further damage in individuals with cancer. Damage within ...
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