Utilizing Proper Supportive Care in Multiple Myeloma: An Interview With Smith Giri, MD, MHS

​In the treatment of multiple myeloma, supportive care is essential to mitigating the risks of infection and bone disease. However, a study published recently in Cancer by Smith Giri, MD, MHS, and colleagues found that guideline-recommended supportive care measures are underutilized in older patients with multiple myeloma. In this interview with i3 Health, Dr. Giri discusses supportive care for patients with myeloma, as well as interventions that could increase the use of these measures. Can you...
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Older Patients with Myeloma: Supportive Care Underutilized

​Several facets of supportive care are important in multiple myeloma, including management of bone disease, thromboprophylaxis, and prevention of infectious disease. Appropriate supportive care measures have been outlined in well-established guidelines, but a new study reports that often, these are not followed. For this study, which has been published in Cancer, the researchers focused on three outcomes regarding guideline-recommended supportive care: the use of bone-modifying drugs (BMDs) with...
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