PTUPB: A Key to Hindering Tumor Inflammation

Although chemotherapy is a potent treatment, it sometimes causes dying cancer cells to become inflamed, triggering the growth of more malignant cells. Researchers have discovered a new anti-inflammatory compound that decreases tumor inflammation and reduces cancer growth in ovarian tumors in mice. In these recent developments, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, investigators discovered that first-line platinum- and taxane-based chemotherapies fuel a macrophage-derived ...

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To Fight Cancer, Manipulate Nuclear Pore Production

Researchers have identified a type of protein that regulates the production of nuclear pores. Since an overabundance of nuclear pores has been associated with the aggressive formation of tumors, this discovery could have important implications for cancer treatment. Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs), transport channels crucial to cell function, serve as portals to the cell nucleus and control the transport of proteins and RNA across the nuclear envelope. The number of NPCs in a cell is known to chang...

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