Hopeful Developments in the Survival Rate for Patients With Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer: Insights from Anne Chiang, MD, PhD

Anne Chiang, MD, PhD.

Patients with extensive-stage small cell lung cancer (SCLC) are experiencing better survival rates than they have in past years. In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Anne Chiang, MD, PhD, Chief Integration Officer and Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Smilow Cancer Hospital and Associate Professor in the Section of Medical Oncology at Yale School of Medicine, discusses recent developments that have led to improvements in survival rates, as well as also exciting new developments to come in the treatment of patients with extensive-stage small cell lung cancer.

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Older Patients with Myeloma: Supportive Care Underutilized

​Several facets of supportive care are important in multiple myeloma, including management of bone disease, thromboprophylaxis, and prevention of infectious disease. Appropriate supportive care measures have been outlined in well-established guidelines, but a new study reports that often, these are not followed. For this study, which has been published in Cancer, the researchers focused on three outcomes regarding guideline-recommended supportive care: the use of bone-modifying drugs (BMDs) with...
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In Premenopausal Breast Cancer, Soy Reduces Fracture Risk

According to a new study, consuming soy-containing foods and maintaining a healthy weight can help pre- and perimenopausal survivors of breast cancer to reduce their risk of fractures. Survivors of breast cancer are at a significantly increased risk of osteoporosis-related fractures, largely due to a reduction in bone mineral density caused by estrogen deprivation therapies. In addition, chemotherapy or ablation of ovarian function can induce premature menopause among younger patients with breas...
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