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Urology/Oncology Preferences: Continuing Medical Education

In order to accurately recognize the continuing medical education (CME) needs and preferences of urology/oncology health care providers, i3 Health administered a survey to participants at the 66th Society of Government Service Urologists Kimbrough Urological Seminar. The results obtained from the survey will be used by i3 Health in the planning and implementation of CME-approved activities.

Of the 22 participants who completed the survey, 72.7% were urologists, 18.2% were residents, 4.5% were fellows, 4.5% were nurse practitioners.

All participants agreed on the importance of accredited continuing medical education (ie, CME) and journal articles in supporting professional practice improvement, with the majority (77.2%) indicating that accredited education was "very important." In addition, participants felt that visits by medical science liaisons, visits by sales representatives, and promotional education (ie, non-CME) were all important, although the level of importance varied. Two thirds of participants believed that speakers' bureau programs were important, whereas most participants felt that direct-to-consumer advertisements were less important or not at all important to the improvement of their professional practice.

All participants (100%) agreed that the opinions of nationally recognized experts are important in clinical decision making.

Regarding the learning environment for CME activities, most participants indicated a preference for activities held at regional conferences and national conferences (59.1%). In addition, printed materials (50%), live online activities (45.5%), and local meetings (45.5%) were indicated as preferred educational formats. Fewer participants preferred CME activities to be in the form of enduring online activities (36.4%) or activities administered on mobile apps (31.8%).

Overall, urology/oncology health care providers feel that supplemental education, especially in the form of CME and journal articles, is useful for education. They feel that CME opportunities at regional and national conferences will further optimize their educational development. 

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