ONS Annual Congress

2024 ONS Annual Congress

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2023 ONS Annual Congress

Lenora Casey discusses her podcast The Unscripted Pharmacist, why it is important, and why clinicians and patients should listen along.
John Hillson expands upon the evolving field of radiation oncology and why it is important to stay on top of understanding this field.
Dr. Julianna Cebollero shares valuable resources for management of infusion-related reactions and the importance of patient education.
Maria Badillo shares the most inspiring topics that she enjoyed hearing and is looking forward to sharing with her team.
At ONS Congress, Cure Extraordinary Healer Award winner Abbey Kaler reflected on her passion for oncology nursing.
Janie Metsker, RN, discusses updated guidance for hyperglycemia and rash management with PI3K inhibitors at ONS Congress.
Dr. Eun-Ok shares her pioneering research using digital approaches to address racial/ethnic cancer survivorship disparities.
Doyle Bosque discusses his presentation regarding the needs of the research nursing community and how to manage ethical dilemmas.
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2022 ONS Annual Congress

In this interview, Maritza Alencar continues her discussion from ONS Congress about well-structured successful onboarding for APRNs.
In this interview, Joscelyn VanDuren shares valuable insights on optimal care, strategies, and the biggest challenges in cancer care in rural Alaska.
In this interview, Dr. Diane Von Ah discusses her recent presentation at ONS Congress about cognitive function research and cancer survivorship.
Dr. Mateo Banegas discusses his ONS Congress presentation about preparing patients with cancer for financial toxicity.
Sherry Adkins, ANP-C, discusses her ONS Congress presentation about CAR T-cell therapy considerations after Day 28.
Dr. Kelly Brassil and Dr. Lisa Carter-Harris discuss the roles of technology and social media in oncology research.
Janet Rowe and Lisa Vigil Schattinger discuss the nurse's role in supporting patients' rights to medical aid in dying.
At ONS Congress, Dr. Cynthia Huff shared the importance of safe oral chemotherapy administration and lab follow-up.
Deborah Watkins Bruner explains the opportunities of oncology cooperative groups and how nurses can become involved.
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