ONS Annual Congress

2024 ONS Annual Congress

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2023 ONS Annual Congress

Dr. Megan Mullins discusses efforts to improve cancer survivorship care for sexual and gender minority patients.
Dr. Megan Mullins discusses efforts to improve cancer survivorship care for sexual and gender minority patients.
Colleen Stoner and Diane Haley discuss the healing power of therapy dogs for cancer patients and how to get involved.
Colette Baudoin discusses her ONS 2023 poster on the experience of body image for women with head and neck cancer
Dr. Lauren Ghazal shares how to encourage individuals to pursue a fulfilling career in oncology nursing and research.
Tony Ellis, Executive Director of ONCC, shares the benefits of obtaining ONCC certification for oncology nurses.
Dr. Amanda King discusses her ONS 2023 poster on virtual reality for anxiety experienced by patients with bran cancer.
Amy Rettig discusses her ONS presentation on intentional facilitated conversations to promote nursing sustainability.
Elizabeth Archer-Nanda and Meagan Dwyer discuss creating an informed approach to mental/emotional trauma from cancer.
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2022 ONS Annual Congress

In this interview, Bina Parekh explains the importance of understanding trauma and empowers nurses to nurture their personal well-being for positive personal growth.
In this interview, Dr. Don Dizon shares insights and proficiency of understanding better ways to improve quality of care for the LGBTQIA+ cancer community.
Dr. Nada Lukkahatai discusses her ONS Congress presentation about nonpharmacological interventions for symptom burden.
Joy Goldsmith and Elaine Wittenberg share techniques for optimizing communication among the oncology care team.
i3 Health's study on the effectiveness of a NCPD-approved activity published and presented at 47th annual ONS Congress.
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