ONS Annual Congress

2024 ONS Annual Congress

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2023 ONS Annual Congress

Terri Armstrong discusses her translational research regarding better understanding and improving the quality of life of cancer patients.
Maimah Karmo, President of Tigerlily Foundation, shares her story and how to empower patients through the power of one.
Jessica Coviello shares the importance of cardio-oncology programs to improve outcomes for cancer patients.
At ONS 2023, Susan Rux discussed her presentation on nursing civility and its applications for sustainability and care.
At ONS Congress, Natalie McAndrew, PhD, RN, discussed how nurses can help advocate to care for caregivers.
Kathy Burns discusses the educational need for nurses to stay up-to-date with the best management options in prostate cancer.
Michi Gray and Joscelyn Vanduren discuss how treatment centers can create an accessible and positive experience for their patients.
Lesley Glenn discusses Project Life, a virtual survivorship resource for patients living with stage IV breast cancer.
Kathy Burns discusses the educational need for nurses to stay up-to-date with the best management options in prostate cancer.
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2022 ONS Annual Congress

Dr. Simone discusses types of radiation treatments, considerations in choosing treatment, and shares his research about synergy between radiation therapy and checkpoint inhibitors or chemotherapy.
In this follow-up interview, Reverend Sean provides the valuable perspective of their personal experience as a transgender patient in the cancer care community.
Charise Gleason distinguishes antibody-drug conjugates, CAR T-cell therapies, and bispecific antibodies for myeloma.
In this interview, Leah Scaramuzzo and Alisha Ellis continue their conversation from ONS Congress about implementing creative education resources.
In this interview, Janet Row and Lisa Vigil Schattinger discuss their experience and provide advice about medical aid in dying.
In this interview, Nicola Stewart shares advice for reigniting the passion as an oncology nurse, including the importance of remembering your
In this interview, Reverend Sean Parker Dennison shares their perspective and experience of what it was like being a cancer patient from the LGBTQIA+ community.
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