OurBrainBank: Creating Change in Glioblastoma Treatment With Kelli Duprey and David Robles

At the 49th Annual Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Congress in Washington, DC, Oncology Data Advisor sat down with Kelli Duprey, Executive Director of OurBrainBank, and David Robles, Research and Outreach Program Manager at OurBrainBank, a patient-led movement dedicated to moving glioblastoma (GBM) from terminal to treatable through patient/carer-led data collection and research.

In this interview, Ms. Duprey and Mr. Robles share the nationwide survey that OurBrainBank is currently leading for patients with GBM and their caregivers.

Are you or your loved one navigating life with glioblastoma in the US (18+)? Have you recently lost a loved one to GBM? Did you or your loved one receive the best GBM care? By participating in this brief 10-minute survey, you can help OurBrainBank identify disparities in GBM care and contribute to improving treatment outcomes. OurBrainBank is committed to using this data collected to advocate for improved care and equitable treatment for everyone affected by GBM. 

If you need help accessing the survey or want to complete the survey by phone, please email david@ourbrainbank.org or call/text +1 (909) 274-9486.

OurBrainBank is a registered non-profit designed to move GBM from terminal to treatable, powered by patients. For more information, visit ourbrainbank.org/survey

About the Speakers

Kelli Duprey is the Executive Director of OurBrainBank. She is a licensed pharmacist with more than 30 years of pharmaceutical and healthcare experience. Ms. Duprey has extensive experience with nonprofits and in advisory roles and is passionate about OurBrainBank’s mission of moving glioblastoma from terminal to treatable.

David Robles is the Research and Outreach Program Manager at OurBrainBank. He leads research efforts such as their nationwide survey to improve quality of care for patients with glioblastoma. Mr. Robles is passionate about applying his skills and knowledge to address complex and impactful research questions and challenges.

For Additional Information

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OurBrainBank (2024). Get moving in May: brain tumor awareness month fundraiser. Available at: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/ourbrainbank-inc/get-moving-in-may-brain-tumor-awareness-month

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